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Swedish manufacturer Abstracta offer a range of design-lead acoustic products creating the perfect mix of aesthetics and acoustic absorption.

Their product team is constantly looking to innovate using new materials and design features to enhance room acoustics – the improvement of the soundscape is their number one objective. Form, however, is not compromised and developing acoustic solutions which become room features is Abstracta’s goal.

The company works with sustainability as a priority. Constantly looking for new ways to manufacture, new materials, how to make the products more recyclable and made from more environmentally friendly materials.

Abstracta has identified 5 of the ‘Global Goals’ (from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals):

  • Goal 3 – Good health and well-being
  • Goal 5 – Gender equality
  • Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth
  • Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production
  • Goal 15 – Life on land

Some featured Abstract Products

Skywall: Acoustic wall panels which create a striking and impressionable wall feature. Effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Sky, a modular system developed by Abstracta and designer Stefan Borselius, sets out to change this with a design language that imbues a room with visual energy while improving its soundscape. Sky Wall is fitted with magnets that attach to metal plates bolted to the wall.

dB Pillar: dB Pillar includes tables, stools, and pillars in various heights. Several pillars with different additional features are available: pillars with whiteboard, with support for climbing plants, with magazine holders, with flower pots, and with coat hangers. Great acoustic absorption.

AirFlake: Hanging screens with incredible designs. A real feature piece of any office. Airflake was created by designer Stefan Borselius in 2006 and was the first product to emerge from the groundbreaking Air concept. Made of fabric-covered moulded fibre felt, it absorbs sound and prevents echoes. The hexagon-shaped modules are assembled together to form ‘open’ screens that shape or suggest new spaces within a space, while allowing light to pass through unobstructed.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you improve your office acoustics.

abstracta lily installation in a modern looking living room
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