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Acoustic Baffles

Hanging vertically from the ceiling, acoustic baffles offer excellent sound absorption properties. They are an ideal solution for large open plan spaces where the open feel of room is important, but controlling noise, maintaining speech intelligibility and reducing workplace distractions are important. They are particularly useful where the available ceiling space is limited

We offer the supply and install of range of acoustic baffles

Lightweight and environmentally friendly, PET is the go-to material for the manufacture of these baffles

As PET is so easily customisable, design possibilities are almost endless. From creating wave effects, diamonds, squares or simple linear installations the versatility of baffles makes them a sensible choice, especially where combining high sound absorption and aesthetics is required

We are recommended installers of all the leading brands of baffles:


Autex Frontier Baffles (pictured right) are a market-leading acoustic baffle. With a wide choice of colours and many different styles, these are an ideal choice for all baffle requirements. Full customisation available using our own and Autex’s design teams, gives limitless design possibilities


Ecophon Solo Baffles offer excellent absorption qualities, and are available in a range of sizes and colours, meaning that there is an option for most requirements


BuzziSpace offer the BuzziBaffle and other baffle like products, from BuzziGrid (a lattice of baffles installed as one unit) through to Buzziloose (large single unit absorbing baffles)

Knauf AMF:

Knauf offer baffles under their Thermatex and Heradesign brands

As experts in the installation of baffles, we offer free acoustic surveys and quotes. Our in-house acoustics team can guide you every step of the way through product selection and installation method to managing all installation details

Our company-employed acoustic installers are all highly experienced in the installation of baffles, with courteous, friendly and non-intrusive installers, we stand out from the crowd in the acoustics market

acoustic baffles - john atkinson interiors
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