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Acoustic Panels

Recommended installer of the leading brands of acoustic panels

Acoustic panels come in countless shapes, sizes, materials, colours and patterns; but they all have the same job – to absorb sound!

We offer free guidance on all types of panels and deliver an efficient, clean, environmentally-conscious installation service

The main materials used in the manufacture of acoustic panels are:

  • Polyester acoustic panels – for example Autex Acoustics Cube, which has a high recycled content, is light weight and fully customisable. They come in a wide range of colours and can be cut into shapes, applied in individual panels or as a full wall covering, used as pinboards and so much more. We are a recommended installer for all Autex Acoustics products, as well as all the other leading manufacturers
  • Glass wool – used by Ecophon and Rockfon amongst others. Another product with high percentage recycled material used in the manufacture. Glass wool panels are either painted or wrapped in fabric (Ecophon have an excellent range of Glass wool wall panels branded under their ‘Akusto One’ range). As a recommended installer for both Ecophon and Rockfon, we can offer you the right guidance on their acoustic products as well as all other major brands
  • Polyester Fibre – light weight, economical, durable and not only with a high recycled content but also fully recyclable, these panels are usually fabric wrapped and available in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes
  • Sustainable wood – We are a preferred installer for BAUX, a Swedish manufacturer who make their panels from only sustainable wood sources. Available in a wide range of designs, colours, shapes and sizes, for an environmentally friendly panel, we would certainly recommend BAUX wood wool or pulp panels

All panels can be affixed to the wall in a number of ways, all designed to suit the space into which they are being installed. Ranging from peel-and-stick solutions, to wooden battens, spray adhesive to clips with channels, we are experts in installation and will help you make the right choice


The primary purpose of acoustic panels is sound absorption. This is very different to sound blocking which would require a different solution. Put simply, the panels will improve the sound quality of the room they are in, but will not stop unwanted noise from exiting or entering the room (so they’re no good for you if you’re looking for information on how to block out noisy neighbours)

Choosing the right acoustic panel is not always easy, but we are always on hand to offer free help – whether you are looking to improve the acoustics in your school hall, scout hut, open plan office, home cinema, meeting room or any other setting.

acoustic panels - buzziblox - john atkinson interiors and acoustics

Example installations

acoustic panels - john atkinson interiors and acoustics
acoustic panels - john atkinson interiors and acoustics
acoustic panels - john atkinson interiors and acoustics
acoustic panels - john atkinson interiors and acoustics
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