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Acoustic Rafts

Recommended installer of the leading brands in acoustic rafts including Autex and Ecophon

Hanging from the ceiling, acoustic rafts offer unbeatable absorption rates, and offer a cost effective, space efficient acoustic solution. They can be installed discreetly or made into fantastic features, making them perfect for open plan offices, church halls, cafés, community centres, call centres, reception areas and many more locations

Because acoustic rafts absorb sound from above and below (sound bouncing from the ceiling is absorbed by the top side of the raft), they have a higher absorption surface area than standard wall panels. This means you will probably need fewer rafts to have the same acoustic impact provided by wall panels, thereby saving materials, costs and time

Don’t worry though, you won’t need to work that what’s needed. Our acoustic experts are on hand to help you make the right decision for your space so you’ll have the right number of rafts needed

Just like wall panels, different rafts are made from a range of materials and while they all offer excellent absorptive properties, different materials offer different finishes, customisable options and, of course, prices

The standard range of materials includes:

  • Glass Wool Acoustic Rafts– Ecophon solo range of rafts have become an industry standard for acoustic rafts, they have recycled content and can be painted or wrapped in fabric. They have a standard thickness of 40mm
  • Recycled PET – Easily be cut and shaped into almost any design and is available in a range of custom colours and can also be printed. They have a standard thickness of 12mm or 24mm. Autex Horizon rafts are an excellent example of PET rafts, they come in an excellent range of shapes as standard and are suitable for almost any setting
  • Fabric wrapped highly absorbent acoustic foam: available in a large range of colours and weaves. Any size up to 1200x2400mm can be made, in thicknesses ranging between 25 and 100mm


For more information on acoustic rafts and to find out how we can help, please get in touch below

acoustic rafts - john atkinson interiors

Example raft installation possibilities

John-Atkinson-Interiors-Acoustics - ceilings
acoustic rafts - john atkinson interiors
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