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Acoustic Treatment

Approved by the leading brands including Autex, Ecophon and Baux

Choosing the right acoustic treatment for your office, village hall, classroom, factory or home cinema can seem like a daunting prospect.

There are so many different choices of solutions and finding the right advice is critical to getting the results you want, within a budget that works for you

Here at John Atkinsons we have a wealth of experience across all industry sectors and offer a customer-focussed service which will get you the treatment you need at the right price

Our in-house acoustics team can guide you every step of the way from concept to design and installation

Don’t forget – Our surveys are free and we promise not to blind you with science but to provide a solution that fits your design and budget aspirations

The ideal acoustic solution will vary greatly depending on size of space, complexity of the problem and what is causing the sound issues in the first place. The range of solutions on offer is varied and this is where our expertise really helps your project come to fruition. 50+ years of acoustic experience across the team give us a unique vantage point in offering the best advice – we do not employ a one-size-fits-all approach!

In general terms, acoustic treatment solutions come in one of, or a combination of, the following type of product (you can read more about and see more examples of each of these on their product pages- click the links to see more)


Usually square, rectangular or circular ‘sound absorbing boards’, these are attached to walls or ceilings, and can be covered in a variety of fabrics, paints or prints to match the décor of the room. They are made of different materials, ranging from recycled glass, through to wood and recycled plastics. They can often be cut into custom shapes and designs too. Their effectiveness varies, however as part of our free survey service, we will work out the number of panels needed to create the right sounding environment for you


These are often similar in design to acoustic panels but are suspended from the ceiling, usually with wire kits. These are the perfect solution where wall space is at a premium or in scenarios where wall panels are not the appropriate solution. Rafts generally absorb better than wall panels as their entire surface is able to absorb sound (the top side and bottom side), so fewer may be required


Baffles behave very similar to rafts but are vertically hung rather than horizontally. They too absorb sound on all surfaces. Baffles are available with shaped designs, for example in waves, and in a wide range of colours, to incorporate interesting design features into the acoustic treatment options

Full wall coverings

Pinnable, washable and stylish, a large range of fabric wall coverings are available which can add colour, design and create features in many settings

Get in touch with us to organise a free survey and quote, our in-house team of acoustics experts are on hand to help you

acoustic screen installed in a large office space - john atkinson interiors and acoustics

Example installations

acoustic panels - john atkinson interiors and acoustics
acoustic panels - john atkinson interiors and acoustics
acoustic panels - john atkinson interiors and acoustics
acoustic panels - john atkinson interiors and acoustics
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