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With a commitment to design and innovation, AllSfär offers unique acoustics products from wall panels to acoustic lighting.

A brand born from a 50-year heritage of creating inspirational working and learning environments. AllSfär combined a life-long passion for design together with a large amount experience and knowledge to create this unique brand; a brand with a clear mission dedicated to creating innovative, design-led products that improve comfort, provide for different personality and task styles and promote wellbeing to make people feel better.

Having spent over ten years designing educational spaces, their founder, Morgan, was itching for a new challenge and was keen to expand his passion for design to commercial interiors.

What’s in a name?

The name is a combination of two words, All from the English language and Sfär from Swedish meaning sphere. AllSfär encapsulates their approach to product and space design – designing products that work in many spheres and at many levels.

They work with architects, designers and specifiers transforming spaces into inspirational places where people thrive – making places from spaces. We pleased to be an appoved and recommended installer of the AllSfär range of acoustic products.

Their approach to design and the environment

Nurturing home-grown talent is important and they are passionate about promoting British design and manufacturing. Their UK based in-house team is supported by like-minded creative partners meaning we can deliver innovative products that are designed and made in the UK.

As well as nurturing UK talent they also want to ensure the products have a minimal impact on our planet, that the acoustic materials are sustainable and don’t end up in landfill. They strive to ensure their products are made from recycled materials and that can themselves be recycled and upcycled. The aim is to always minimise the potential for waste and achieve a circular economy for our products.

AllSfär acoustic wall panels can also be purchased directly from our supply arm at ClearSound Acoustics

AllSfär Ora by AllSfar - acoustic wall panels
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