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Armstrong Zentia Ceiling Installation

Armstrong Zentia Ceiling Installation

We are proud to have undertaken the installation of the following Armstrong Zentia, Rockwool and SAS Ceilings products at Calder Park in Wakefield.

  • Rockwool Fire Barrier Foil Faced 1 Side
  • SAS 130 Microlook 600×600 & 1200×600 Ceilings
  • Armstrong Dune Evo Board 600×600

The purpose of the project was to install the fire barrier and SAS 130 ceilings to the main office on two levels and the installation of Evo Board to the toilet areas.

Being experts in bespoke projects, we were able to overcome an issue found on site. The roof was not only sloping, but with no possible top fix to the roof, the purlins were spaced at 1500mm centres, causing a problem as the system 130 product required hangers to be at 1200mm centres. In response , we designed a suitable sub-grid to be installed the opposite direction to the purlin at 1200mm centres in order to get the correct hanging points for the ceiling grid.

Apart from this issue, it was generally a straightforward job which was well organised and managed by Clegg Construction.

Clegg Construction had this to say about our installation:

“Atkinsons have completed works to a high standard. Very professional workforce. I will use them again, what a difference the ceilings have made”

Garry Hodson – Project Manager

Clegg Construction

Armstrong Zentia, SAS and Rockfon installationArmstrong Zentia, SAS and Rockfon installationArmstrong Zentia, SAS and Rockfon installation

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