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Made from 100% polyester, with a very high recycle content, the Autex range is a high performing acoustic absorber which can be used in any number of settings; classrooms, offices, large atria or anywhere you need to improve speech intelligibility, by absorbing a range of frequencies and controlling reverb, all while being environmentally friendly

Formed in 1967 in New Zealand, Autex has become a global player in the acoustics market and has expanded its presence across the globe. Their diverse range of products offer an effective combination of aesthetics and acoustics

As recommended Autex installers, John Atkinson Interiors are able to advise on, design and install the whole range of Autex products in all interior environments

Most popular Autex Products –


An absorbing fabric wall covering. Made in solid colours, it is used in the same way as wallpaper. Added to the excellent absorption properties, composition in pinnable and has a hook-and-loop receptive surface. Customisable cutting options make Composition a very versatile and effective solution in any environment

Quietspace 3D Wall and Ceiling Tiles

Perfect for offices, schools and colleges, Autex 3D Tiles are high-performing art panels offering excellent absorption. Several designs and many colour choices offer a wide range of design choice options

Frontier Baffles

Frontier acoustic baffles are offer targeted sound absorption for ceiling installations. Easily configurable and customisable, we can work with any space to create the perfect solution for you

Lattice Rafts

An acoustic centrepiece suspended from the ceiling. With several designs and nearly twenty colours to choose from, there is a solution to meet even the most demanding of environments

Cascade Screens

Acoustic divider screens are becoming an ever more popular feature in the office. Offering added privacy and protection, these screens offer both acoustic functionality and exciting designs. They can be suspended from the ceiling or directly fixed offering flexibility in their use, to separate office departments, create break-out zones or for many other uses. In addition to the standard designs available, they can be customised to any design in any quantity

As preferred partners for the supply and install of Autex products, we offer free surveys and quotes to give added piece of mind.

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