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Friends of Wilson


We are proud to be partnered with luxury brand Friends of Wilson and be approved installers of their products

This Scottish company introduce elegantly designed acoustic solutions such as screens and wall panels, all built with aesthetics and acoustics in mind

Blending functionality and creativity is their ethos, producing perfectly designed office dividers and panels to help reduce reverb in any workplace. Their experience in interior design and working with architects puts us in the perfect position add functionality and style to any office

Most popular products

Tessellate wall panels – These partly recycled acoustic wall panels offer the addition of a contemporary feel to any office. The perfect panel to reduce reverb and background noise in any space

Flux hanging screens – Screens built on a flexible modular system – they can be static or on sliding tracks and offer excellent separational possibilities for office. Made from 100% wool felt, the screens offer a sustainable solution for your office acoustic issues

Cascade hanging screens – Made from 100% wool felt and solid wood, they are designed to enable space division, whilst still maintaining an open-plan feel. Modular and interchangeable, Cascade screens can be built to fit in any available space

Both types of screen are made using 100% wool felt which is hypoallergenic, recyclable, sustainable and naturally flame retardant (self-extinguishing)

Get in touch to discuss your project with our in-house acoustics team

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