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Healthcare Acoustics

Patient wellbeing and ensuring the ease of communication make healthcare acoustics an important element of design, build and refurbishment of any healthcare facility – from doctor’s surgery waiting rooms to operating theatres. Acoustic treatments also play a large role in controlling the noise from machines and equipment which are found throughout medical environments

Research has shown that rooms with bad acoustics may actually cause the risk of re-hospitalisation to be increased, compared to those with good acoustics. The benefits of having acoustically well-treated rooms cannot be understated and include:

  • Better environment for staff; reducing stress levels and irritation leading to better care being provided


  • A reduction in the risk of errors being made


  • A reduced in the perceived level of sound from patients


  • Improved staff attitude levels, as perceived by patients


Here at John Atkinson Interiors and Acoustics, we are experts in helping the Healthcare sector improve their acoustics

We work with all the leading brands, many of whom have products designed specifically for hygienic and sterile environments. For example, we are recommended installers for Ecophon, whose Hygiene range of products are perfect for the whole range of healthcare environments. From ceiling grid tiles through to wall panels, there is a solution for all problems. The Hygiene range can withstand humid rooms as well as being cleaned daily with disinfectant and strong chemicals. We can advise on all healthcare acoustics matters as part of our free survey and quote service

The Department of Health recognises the need for acoustically well-treated facilities and have produced guidelines for the acoustics in healthcare setting with specific targets for noise levels. The in-detail guidelines cover all aspects of healthcare acoustics, from internal sound sources, sound transmission from external equipment through to the insulation requirements for different types of rooms, be they single occupancy, wards, consultation room and so forth

We can help you meet and exceed these requirements, our in-house team of acoustic experts are on hand to offer you the best advice available, advise on the most effective solution and provide a start-to-finish service for supply and installation

Get in touch to organise a free survey and quote

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