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Office Acoustics

We are recommended and preferred installers of office acoustics products for all the leading brands

Why are the acoustics in your office important? A massive 60% of people who work in open-plan offices report background noise and noise disturbances to be the number one cause of loss of concentration in the workplace

We offer acoustic panels on a supply and install, or a supply only basis. Get in touch to discuss your options with our acoustic experts 

It is therefore vital that office acoustics are not overlooked, but implemented throughout all offices to ensure a happy and healthy environment for your staff – happy staff equals more productive staff equals a better bottom line. The links between happy staff and profitable companies are well established, and improving your office acoustics can be a simple way to create the right environment for your workforce

The Government Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment discovered a 38% increase in productivity where workplace acoustics had been optimised, confirming that office acoustics can simply no longer be ignored


Ecophon Acoustic Solutions - John Atkinson Acoustics

Acoustic Panels

We supply and install a wide range of acoustic wall panels. Click for more information

Suspended Ceiling Acoustic Installation For Offices

Suspended Ceilings

Working with the leading brands of ceilings, we offer a complete supply and install service

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Autex Acoustic Solutions

Office Screens and Partitions

We offer all the leading brands of acoustic screens and partitions; perfect for privacy, noise control and as a social distancing aide

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Autex Horizon Acoustic Raft Installation

Acoustic Rafts

We have a range of rafts available for supply and install from leading brands such as Autex and Ecophon

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What’s the problem?

Office machines and people talking on phones are primary sound sources in the offices; in addition to the pinging of mobiles and unanswered phones ringing. Where office acoustics have not been optimised, these sounds will travel throughout the office at pretty much full volume. The aim of acoustic treatments in offices is to absorb sounds throughout the office so that much less volume of sound reaches its unintended target

How to fix it?

The installation of the right acoustic solutions can greatly reduce overall ambient noise throughout an office. It can often be as simple as the installation of acoustic ceiling tiles in your suspended ceiling or fitting some panels onto the walls

The addition of acoustic screens, desk dividers, wall fabrics and pictures are all possible and all work together to improve the sound in the office and, as previously mentioned, the productivity, health and overall wellbeing of your work force

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we offer free acoustic surveys and quotes to give extra piece of mind that you’re getting the right solution for YOUR problem. Get in touch today with our expert in-house acoustics team


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