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Retail and Hospitality

Retail and restaurant acoustics are essential to creating a positive and happy vibe in your space, ensuring customers are happy and feeling good; creating the money spending vibe!

Noise in restaurants can be a real problem, and is one that may cause clientele to leave and not come back, or even worse – write a bad review!

In cafés, pubs and restaurants noise may come from a number of sources, for example – clattering cutlery and crockery, loud music and chatting guests, and different frequencies and must be treated well in order to give your guests the most positive experience possible. If you have ever struggled to chat over dinner, or hear your server speak, then you have suffered the effects of poor restaurant acoustics

In retail, we have noise coming from customers, equipment and staff. As with restaurants, ensuring that the retail space is properly treated will lead to an a more relaxed customer and as a result, easier, quicker and more frequent sales

Treating these acoustic problems can involve a varied range of solutions such as –

  • Acoustic panels: plain, patterned or printed panels on the walls or ceilings. Why not replace glass fronted (sound reflecting) pictures with acoustic panels with the same print?


  • Rafts: Hanging rafts and baffles will stop the travel of sound, increasing privacy between tables and making areas more comfortable


  • Vibration control: acoustic matting to help control the noise caused by footfall and kitchen equipment


  • Acoustic ceilings: especially useful in retail spaces, full ceiling coverage can improve acoustics across the whole store



Our free survey service gives you piece of mind that we do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Each room, space and problem are different and has a unique solution

Our in-house team of experts will guide you every step of the way through the decision-making process and offer the right solution designed specifically for your space and budget.

Get in touch to organise your survey and free quote

Acoustic raft installation in a restaurant
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