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Manufacturers of suspended ceilings, ceiling tiles and wall panels built their business on four basic principles – Quality, Trust, Sustainability and Innovation – We are proud to partner with Rockfon and offer their products as part of our installation packages.

Rockfon stone wool ceiling tiles, baffles and wall panels offer a number of innovative and sustainable benefits combined with an ability to deliver acoustic solutions, durability and several other benefits

Their main products are

Ceiling tiles and panels – Designed to provide acoustic ceiling solutions that are beautiful, while creating safe, healthy, comfortable spaces

Ceiling rafts – Rockfon Islands are innovative and aesthetically pleasing frameless acoustic ceiling rafts, offering excellent sound absorption. Supplied in a smooth, deep-matt, super white surface providing high light reflection, light diffusion with anti-static properties to its lifetime

Baffles – Economic and aesthetically pleasing, frameless acoustic baffles, available in white and a wide range of colours, they can be installed in any internal environment, from classrooms to industrial plants

Wall panels – Acoustic wall panels suitable for any type of building, where extra sound absorption combined with good design is required. They come in a wide range of styles, colours, shapes and sizes, including impact resistant versions for use in areas like schools and sports facilities

Tiles & Panels

Our tiles and panels are especially designed to provide acoustic ceiling solutions that are beautiful while creating healthy, comfortable spaces.

We are recommend Rockfon Installers

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