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Acoustic Screens and Office Partitions

Recommended installer of the leading brands such as Autex, BuzziSpace and Friends of Wilson

Acoustic screens and office partitions can be highly effective at creating acoustically sound partitioned areas within open-plan offices without losing the open-plan feel. Patterns and holes cut out of the screens can stop the feeling of being isolated while increasing the absorption surface area of the product

Acoustic screens can be hung from ceilings or on sliding rails so they can be moved and used as doors or separators in different areas of the office. They can also be smaller and attached to desks to create acoustically sound desking areas, and, with the current situation mind, be helping for social distancing and worker segregation

All the leading brands we work with offer screens and partitions with different designs:

Autex: Autex Cascade has become an industry standard screen, offering excellent absorption and design features which add to any office environment

BuzziSpace: BuzziFalls is a modular screen system with many different design and colour options

Abstracta: The Floor range offers interesting and aesthetically minded acoustic screens

Creating office partitions can benefit staff’s productivity, happiness and mental wellbeing. Unwanted sound in the workplace has been found to be a major contributing factor to staff unhappiness, stress, loss of concentration and loss of productivity. Acoustic screens and office partitions are designed to eliminate unwanted noise travelling throughout the office, to improve the overall acoustics of the workplace and productivity of your office in general

We offer a free survey service to ensure that all screening and acoustic partition work we recommend is backed up by science. Our in-house expert acoustics team can guide you through the process of using screens and partitions as an acoustic solution in its own right, or being part of an overall plan to improve the acoustics using different methods. As there is no one-size-fits-all approach, our survey service is very popular and will give you an excellent overall understanding of your acoustics issue and how we can solve them for you

Get in touch to organise your free survey and quote

autex cascade acoustic screen installed in a busy office environment - john atkinson interiors
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