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Sound Absorbing Panels For Offices

Sound Absorbing Panels For Offices

Managing acoustics in the office can be tricky, but with our sound absorbing panels for offices, and our expert installation service, we can help you achieve a well-balanced sound in your space

Putting it simply, the panels work by stopping sound bouncing around the room, thereby reducing the overall office volume. The benefits are well documented and include:

  • Increased staff happiness
  • Increased privacy in the office
  • Decrease in stress levels of employees
  • Increased productivity
  • An improved overall feeling of wellbeing in the office

Another way of improving the acoustics is to install acoustic screens, which help to create separation without losing the feeling of working together. They can help with social distancing in the office and in the current climate of Covid-19, this can alleviate concerns in the office and make for a more positive working environment

Our offer of a free survey and quote, along with our expert acoustic panel installation service gives peace of mind that the right products will be offered and installed to ensure they do the job required at a price which, thanks to our buying power and relationships with the leading acoustic manufacturers and brands, is unbeatable

Aesthetics and functionality are at the heart of everything we do. The wide range of acoustic sound absorbing panels available means that we can fit into all styles and decors with striking feature pieces or discrete solutions wherever necessary. With the addition of our printed acoustic panels, we can transform artwork into functional acoustic products and bring to life any space while treating the sound issues at the same time

Printed acoustic panels offer an excellent solution for the office and for the home/home office.

Some of our most popular sound absorbing panels for offices include:

Autex 3D wall panels: highly decorative, they can form a centre piece for any office space offering excellent acoustic absorption to tackle to the most demanding of rooms

Ecophon Akusto One: Glass wool panels with a fabric face with class A (the highest rating) absorption, these panels look great in all spaces. They can also be installed in neutral colours to add a discrete acoustic solution

Autex Composition: The ideal treatment for meeting rooms, Autex composition is an acoustically absorbent fabric designed to be used as a full-wall covering, or to create stunning features. Pinnable, this product offers functionality and versatility to the space in which it is installed


Contact us for more information and to arrange your free survey and quote to treat the acoustics in your office

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