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Formed in 2010 as a way of reusing waste from the exhibition flooring industry, Soundtect offer environmentally conscious acoustic solutions. What do you do when you discover large amounts of used flooring is going to waste? You give that waste a new lease of life by transforming it into acoustic panels.

Their acoustic panels are third generation products which began life as plastic bottles. The PET bottles are firstly turned into exhibition carpets for events around the world, but once that short-term lifespan is over, Soundtect takes the waste product back again and carefully re-layers the carpet fibres to create highly-efficient acoustic felt panels which provide up to 1.0 NRC (noise reduction co-efficient). The experienced design team have created 12 eye-catching designs in 16 colours in the 3D range and 24 in the Freestyle for use in corporate, educational, retail, residential, leisure and healthcare environments. Bespoke options are also available to complement every brand requirement.


Soundtect, which now supplies award-winning acoustic panels across the world, is built on the very foundations of the circular economy. We have stock held at key sites meaning we reduce the environmental impact on fulfilling individual orders.


Soundtect panels are all continually tested to British and European standards for both fire and acoustics to ensure we maintain the highest level of quality and safety. Because the original carpet fibres are already fireproof, this element is integral to the product and not simply sprayed on.


The product is also guaranteed to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Together with their impeccable environmental credentials, this gives organisations complete confidence when specifying and installing it in a wide variety of environments.

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