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Sports, Community and Church Halls



Squeaky shoes, a yelling coach, noisy children (and grown-ups!) – sports halls, scout huts and village halls have a lot of acoustics to handle. If done correctly, the correct installation can quickly turn any space into an enjoyable area. If done badly, or left untreated, noise can cause speech to be unintelligible and the overall sound in the room to be too loud and uncomfortable for users

Open plan areas combined with hard surfaces and the number of people in a hall can make these spaces very unpleasant places to be, especially for those with hearing difficulties

Improving acoustics in these areas will –

  • Improve communication. When the space is too loud and muffled, speech intelligibility is greatly reduced, making the area uncomfortable to use and even increasing the chance of accidents


  • Less shouting protects the voices of those in the room


  • A quieter space is a more pleasant environment for everybody


There are many different treatments available, to suit every requirement and budget –

  • Impact resistant acoustic wall and ceiling panels: Acoustic panels designed specifically for use in areas where there may be potential damage by impacts from balls etc. These panels can be installed around the perimeter of the sports hall, at low level if required, thereby reducing costs and installation time


  • Decorative wall and ceiling panels: Other than fabulous efficiency in solving your acoustic issues, our printed and fabric wrapped panel range has many benefits – Quick to install; Surprisingly economical; A wide range of fabric colours to choose from; Printed panels can be printed with any image you like; Any size up to 1200x2400mm can be made, giving the flexibility to install panels in whatever space you have available


  • Suspended ceilings: There are many, many types of suspended ceiling available, offering a huge range of costs, styles and properties


It may be necessary to combine a selection of these solutions. Here at John Atkinson Interiors we don’t work with a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we offer a free survey to give you added piece of mind. Each quote and solution we offer is unique to your project

Our in-house team of experts is on hand for you from project conception to completion

Get in touch to organise your free survey and quote

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