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A suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling suspended from above, creating a void between the underside of the soffit and the top of the suspended ceiling. There will be a gap between the suspended ceiling and the soffit, which is why they are often referred to as ‘dropped ceilings’ or ‘false ceilings’
Suspended ceilings are very popular in commercial properties, schools and hospitals as they provide a useful space for concealing services and installations that otherwise would alter the interior look of the building
There are many benefits to installing a suspended ceiling, including (but not limited to) – The void created is useful for discreet distribution of plumbing and wiring services; The ceiling can carry surface mounted fittings such as lights, speakers, fire and smoke detectors etc; Lowering the ceiling level in a room makes that room easier to heat, or keep cool, efficiently, especially if insulation is laid over the back of the tiles
Manufactured from a range of materials, such as mineral fibre, metal or plasterboard, ceiling tiles come in myriad designs, colours, materials and budgets, meaning that there will always be something for everyone, and for every situation

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Ecophon Ceiling Installation In A Music Classroom - John Atkinson Interiors And Acoustics
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Suspended ceilings - Armstrong - John Atkinson Interiors and Acoustics
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