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Sustainable acoustic panels

As an environmentally conscious company, we pride ourselves in offering fantastic acoustic solutions which don’t cost the earth! This is our commitment to using sustainable acoustic panels wherever possible.

We have partnered with major suppliers who share our values and commitment to offer high quality acoustic products which are not only made from environmentally sustainable products, but are also recyclable (and already made from recycled or 100% natural materials).

You can be assured that this commitment to using recycled acoustic materials does not compromise the quality of the end result; indeed, the needles used in Baux’s panels are as aesthetically pleasing as they are effective at sound reduction.

Our three key partners, Autex, Baux and Ecophon, share our commitment in this respect. All three offer transparency in their materials, methods and the areas in which they want to improve. When working with John Atkinson Interiors, you have peace of mind that you will only be supplied with high quality and environmentally sustainable acoustic panels.


From having electric staff vehicles, through to using a minimum 45% recycled content in their panels (with 100% recyclability), Autex are a global leader in acoustics with environmental consciousness. With certifications such as GreenRate, Declare, Red List Free, HPD and CDPH Standard, Autex are a key player in environmentally friendly solutions; we are proud to offer the installation of their products as a preferred partner.


Made using wood grown in Sweden’s vast forests, Baux offer unique solutions to the sustainable acoustics equation. Baux describe their pulp as an ‘acoustic revolution’, and for good reason; In choosing Baux products for your office/studio/school you are choosing a chemical free product which, once it’s useful lifetime has passed, can be given back to nature. It doesn’t get more sustainable than that.

Key benefits to Baux

100% bio-based
100% recyclable
100% biodegradable
0% pollution or waste
Biomimicry engineered
Fire retardant
Water repellent resistant
Colours made of wheat
Laser enhanced sound absorption


Ecophon’s ambitious goals towards sustainability are industry leading. Having recently changed from a petrochemical based binding agent to a plant-based solution, their already 70% recycled acoustic panels just got a whole lot more environmentally friendly. Alongside this, their plants in Sweden and Demark are planned to be 100% fuelled by renewable energy by the end of 2020. Energy consumption is also at heart; they are doing all they can to reduce the consumption of power.



Award winning BuzziSpace offer unique, eye-catching and environmentally sound acoustic solutions for both the office and the home. Aesthetics play a key part in the BuzziCulture and their handmade acoustic lights, acoustic furniture, acoustic panels and wall coverings are made or covered as standard using recycled materials turned into the signature BuzziFelt. By using 100% recycled plastic bottles, BuzziSpace give back to the environment. Certified for low chemical emissions to the Greenguard and Greenguard Gold standard, as well as being rated “A+ VOC” and “VOC Substances” and being halogen free (no bromine or chlorine present) you can be satisfied and assured that by choosing BuzziSpace products for your office or home, that you are making an environmentally conscious choice.

With sustainability at the heart of their operations, we are proud to be partnered with BuzziSpace and always enjoy working with their products. Please do not hesitate to contact us about BuzziSpace products and to see how we can help you achieve your office goals.

sustainable acoustic panels - john atkinson acoustics
sustainable acoustic panels - john atkinson acoustics
sustainable acoustic panels - john atkinson acoustics
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